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Monday 14 October 2013 – ISHE lecture on blogging

A blog is a personal website in which individuals can write posts about certain subjects. Moreover, a blog can be defined as a personal journal or diary discussing opinions, new(s) stories, gossip and many more. Writing skills must be one of the most important skills a journalist should have. Therefore, owning a blog could be very useful and it will give you a lot of experience in writing. Particularly nowadays it is an advantage to know how to work online, especially with blogs.

Personally, I feel like blogging is very important for a journalist. It gives you a lot of practice on several fields; in the writing of stories and the finding out of interesting stories to blog about. You can write about things that interest you and it enables you to share your views with the public. As a journalism student, I think that I could also start building my audience. Additionally, I can find out what my ‘specialist’ area is (or will be). Whenever I spoke to successful journalists, they have always told me to find an area I am very passionate about and make it become my ‘specialism’. They told me the importance of really knowing the full particular on my specialist subject. I think blogging will be a good platform to start off your journalism career with.