The Internet and journalism is a very significant factor when discussing the development within the journalism profession. Interestingly enough, Internet is a global network that existed from the 70s. Initially it was a platform that had been utilised by academics and researchers, without any commercial use. In the next few years the Worldwide Web was invented, which allowed for more of the general public to access this tool until this day, where it is available for mass audiences on a huge scale. Internet has allowed for many people to publish information that would otherwise not have been possible. We discussed the idea of ‘citizen journalism’ and discussed the statement that in this day and age, ‘everyone can be a journalist’. However, we set out a few of the core values a journalist must possess and argued that not all ‘bloggers’, who are nowadays all branded as journalist as soon as one discusses a matter on their site, have the skills that makes them a journalist. Whereas a journalist is expected to verify its material before publishing, a blogger cannot be trusted to do the same. Internet has indeed allowed for more stories and thus some argue that it has been a tool of liberation. However, it think that it can certainly be a tool of liberation, but that will depend on the individual. You can utilise the Internet by researching and finding out facts, but it is significantly important to ensure you do not just accept facts that are published on one blog. The responsibility lies with you to do the journalist’s job: trying to verify the information as much as you can. The Internet is sometimes referred to the ‘Golden Age of Journalism’. Al though this has a ring of truth to it, one must not abuse the idea and you should not underestimate the role that journalists play in society.


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