In today’s Editorial Practice workshop, we were required to produce a multimedia report. We were divided into groups of three, in which we had to discuss our plan and come up with an event to cover. Our group consists of Maya, Hani and Nora. We have decided to cover the Democracy protest on Monday 23 November.

For this event we will require digital equipment from the university in order to cover the experience. The equipment that we will be using will be two Canon videocameras, a microphone and a tripod.

We have assigned different roles within the group and these are editing, writing and designing. Each of us are in charge of addressing these responsibilities, however we will all be involved in these tasks. We are going to be video recording the event and are planning to interview people at the demonstration on their views and what they want to achieve.

At the moment, we are going in with an open mind to understand the main focus and dominant angle of the protest. Once we have an idea of what the protest aims to achieve, we will then write the article based on our findings.


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