CoverItLive workshop

In today’s editorial practice workshop we learned about live blogging. A live blog is a blog post, which is intended to provide ongoing coverage of an ongoing event. The skill of live blogging is used on various happenings ranging from the live blogging of murder trials to the live blogging of awards ceremonies. Live blogging is not easy at all; it is a rather stressful task. A journalist is required to have certain skills during live blogging. In particular, it is of great importance for them to provide accurate and precise reports. It is not acceptable for journalists to deliver poor quality reports only because of the extra pressures live blogging carries with itself. It is important to establish why live blogging is becoming increasingly more popular amongst journalists, as well as the public. We are in an era where there is a big demand for news, but we want it to be delivered fast and efficiently. Therefore live blogging has become such a successful platform; when one cannot attend an event, you can always turn to a live blog as it provides you with more than just the news. While live blogging, the journalist conveys the atmosphere of the event to his readers and interprets the event for you. He provides context and quotes, all in a continuous manner of little live blogs, which he publishes every five minutes or so. the advantage of live blogging is creates additional traffic to your website. In addition, it also engages readers to interact with you and discuss your findings/interpretations. However, live blogging requires the journalist to do as much preparation beforehand as he can. You need to be aware of all the names that might be mentioned so that you do not waste any time during the event. Most importantly, you, the journalist, need to take it easy and relax! It is all going to work out in the end. To see my masterpiece, please click here!


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