Working with images

There are two types of files you work with when you are working with images online, namely: jpeg and mpeg. Jpegs is the code used to describe pictures for online (most of the time appear in rectangular shape). Mpeg images are usually used whenever you are looking to publish an image on a transparent background.

In the world of blogging, it is very important for one to understand how to successfully tag your posts. When it comes to images, you do not want the caption to be written in your image because it will not give you the opportunity for the words to be used as keywords/tags and therefore, your posts will be less likely to be read or found.

Creative display of fruit

For the following few pictures, I have what’s called ‘cut out’ the background of the original picture, which is why the photos appear to be 3D.

Photo of a mansion, with a cut out background

Photo of the surrounding area in Elephant and Castle

Photo of a trolley carrying books


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