Adobe Audition



Adobe Audition is Adobe’s most recent sound program editor. It enables the used to edit a multitrack area and a waveform editing view. This is an important feature as it gives you two options. Many sound software programs I have used in the past did not offer me that option. Personally, I feel like it works best for me when I edit all the unwanted parts of the file out and afterwards, I will transfer it to the multitrack option to add on effects or background music if desired.

I have used my own file to edit this time. I interviewed a person about the BBC a while ago but unfortunately the camera picked up a vast amount of background noise. In addition, my interviewee answered the question in great detail, which for my purposes were not all relevant to keep in the interview. I cut out some parts in which I could hear him cough, laugh, pause or say ‘eh’. It was interesting to hear the end product and compare the two with each other. There was a significant change in the second version, in which I edited out all the unnecessary talk as well as all the remaining ambient noises. It raised my awareness of how important it is to be able to handle these kinds of software programs to become a journalist on many media platforms. I feel like I have got a big advantage to know and to understand what to do when you recorded a very important interview as a journalist, but notice all the ambient noise later on.