Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline based video editing software program. Besides this application, Adobe also provides video/photo editing and web development programs. Premiere Pro is the Broadcast industry’s primary editing and production program for video and film. Adobe Premiere consists of a toolbar with various types of effects, such as: transitions, colour effects, audio transition, etc.

I think it was very useful that one could edit your video audio in this software program too, as well as in Adobe Audition. If one needed a piece of audio with very advanced edits, you could choose to edit it on the Adobe Audition software, which particularly serves audio editing. Since I had used this program before, I knew how to use many of the tools in advance. I still tried to challenge myself by finding out other tools and effects to make myself a more advanced user. In addition, I tried to use mainly shortcuts when editing on this program. However, since I have used Final Cut Pro for the past year, I noticed that the shortcuts differ to the ones used in Adobe. This was something I had to get used to, but in the end it worked out fine. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the footage that we were working with. I was very happy with it as it consisted of multiple camera angels, three in total. Additionally, as it was a video about solar panels, the file already had many solar panel images and videos imported, which made it very enjoyable to work with. I used different camera angles, which I think makes the video much more interesting for the viewer to watch rather than using one straight camera angle.In addition, I learned how to compress the video in order to speed up the exporting process at the end of your project, when you are uploading it onto youtube – The setting for this was H.246. Also, we had a very useful site to help us with the various kinds of software, which was called ‘Lynda’. This was extremely handy as it enabled you to learn more than you would in the workshops.


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